Volocopter joins Grab to find ‘hottest route’ in Southeast Asia

Flying taxi service company Volocopter has launched a new feasibility study that hopes to discover high-potential routes between major cities in Southeast Asia,media reported. The company has teamed up with ride-sharing company Grab to launch the new study. With a smartphone app, Grab offers on-demand travel, food and parcel delivery in 339 cities across the region.

Volocopter joins Grab to find 'hottest route' in Southeast Asia

Volocopter is understood to have set up an office in Singapore in 2018 to expand its presence in the region and conduct a test flight in The Seaside Bay, Japan. The company’s partnership with Grab will see the two companies study how Volocopter flying taxis can help solve traffic problems in the region’s busiest urban centers and improve quality of life through technological innovation.

Chris Yeo, head of Grab Ventures, said they had collected traffic patterns and customer needs in the area that could help their team come up with the most innovative mobile solutions to fill the traffic gap. The partnership will allow Volocopter to further develop urban air traffic solutions related to Southeast Asian commuters, so they can seamlessly choose their preferred mode of travel based on budget, time constraints, and other needs. “

The study will explore which cities and routes are best suited for flight taxi services, with the possibility of joint test flights and further joint air traffic services.

“This collaboration is another important step towards commercializing urban air traffic in one of the world’s most congested areas,” said Florian Reuter, CEO of Volocopter. Together, we will learn from the unprecedented insights from the economic and social opportunities of launching our services on the hottest routes in Southeast Asia. This cooperation also opens up the possibility of broader cooperation and eventually extends multimodal transport to the air. “