“Red Hulk” will make its debut in Marvel’s new play “Wonder Woman”

According tomedia GWW, William Hurt played by General Ross will finally become a red hulk in Marvel’s new play “Wonder Woman”! Red Hulk’s appearance is very similar to that of the Hulk, except that the color of the skin is red. General Ross will return to the scene in Black Widow and is expected to appear in The Falcon and Winter Soldier.

The series is currently in the preliminary stages, and Marvel is recruiting a 26-34-year-old, racially limited-name, comedy-talented female actor to play the role of “Wonder Woman.”

The plot will involve the origin of “Wonder Woman”, the heroine Jennifer Walters was shot after the life is in danger, lost cousin Hulk Bruce Banner’s blood survived, and thus become “Wonder Woman.”

The transformational ability is almost identical to that of Hulk, with great strength, endurance, speed and regeneration, and her ability level is lower than That of Hulk, but she can control the transformation and, after the transformation, she can maintain her original intelligence. And she could be the future avenger of MCU.

The script for the series is not yet complete, with Emmy winner Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) in charge of the series development and as lead screenwriter. They plan to open filming in Atlanta in August, which will run until March 2021.