Analysts believe Sony has the ability to sell consoles at a loss

Earlier Bloomberg reported that Sony’s PS5 costs as much as $450 and the company is unlikely to sell at a price of less than $470. But DF’s analysts say the PS4 has been around for seven years, and the industry’s ecology has undergone irreversible changes in the period of time , such as the gradual withdrawal of physical sales channels, represented by GameStop, and the rise of paid subscriptions for XGP and PS Plus. Sony alone can make much bigger profits than it used to be.


Analysts believe that Sony can strike a financial balance with the software-subsidized hardware’s ancestral formula if it wants to.

Microsoft’s Spencer has publicly admitted that the sale of the Xbox One X was not profitable at all, but the company is still pushing it out as a grab for the title of king of functionality.

Reference to the Xbox One X, which came out in 17 years, gives you a rough guess for the PS5: the former with 12GB GDDR5 with a 360-square-millimeter chip area, a 17-year start price of $499 (to the company’s flesh-and-blood; The GDDR6’s PS5 can’t sell for less than $499.

Coupled with the blow-up NVME SSD (possibly 1TB start), $599 is the normal price, which is a surprise. If it’s above $599… That more to buy, real so-eat how not generous for the company to share the worries? Smashing pots and selling iron is also at all costs.

Analysts believe Sony has the ability to sell consoles at a loss

In fact, the opponent’s pricing strategy is more influential than the cost. Both sides are spying on each other’s bottom line, and players will benefit from the fight.