NVIDIA Re-Awards Five GPS In GPU Computing Studies: $50,000 per Person

NVIDIA’s Graduate Fellowship Program recently awarded five Ph.D.s in GPU computing studies to up to $50,000 each, nVIDIA officially announced. This year is the 19th year of the NVIDIA Graduate Scholarship Program, which aims to support students in completing GPU-based work and opening up to applicants from around the world. This year, more than 300 researchers from around the world applied.

This year’s winners cover edith, graphics, high-performance computing, and autonomous machines, all five from prestigious U.S. universities, and three are Chinese or Chinese by name.

“Our scholarship recipients are the most talented people in the world,” said Bill Dally, chief scientist at NVIDIA. They are working on some of the most important issues in computer science, and we are pleased to support their research. “

This year’s five winners are:

Anqi Li, University of Washington: Research to bridge the gap between robotics research and applicationusing using aids in machine learning and control theory.

Dartmouth College Benedikt Bitterli: Research content is a principle form of sample reuse that unlocks more efficient ray tracing techniques for offline and real-time rendering.

Vinu Joseph, University of Utah: Research content optimizes deep neural networks to improve performance and scalability.

Xueting Li, University of California, Merced: Research is about the relationship between self-supervised learning and different visual elements.

Yue Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Research content is a well-designed deep learning module to learn the effective representation of 3D data.

There are also five equally outstanding finalists, including four from the United States, one from Germany, and three still chinese or Chinese.

They are:

Guandao Yang, Cornell University

Michael Lutter, Darmstadt University of Technology

MIT’s Med Yat-ea

Yunzhu Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Zackory Erickson, Georgia Institute of Technology

NVIDIA Re-Awards Five GPS In GPU Computing Studies: $50,000 per Person