Cheetah Mobile Fu Sheng talks about company transformation, says he also wanted to make cars

The 2019 Fortune Global Technology Forum opened in Guangzhou with Fu Sheng, co-founder and CEO of Cheetah Mobile, discussing the stories and thinking behind Cheetah Mobile’s transformation. Cheetah Mobile is transitioning from the traditional mobile Internet to an AI-driven industrial Internet company. Earlier, Cheetah Mobile proposed an All in AI strategy and invested in artificial intelligence company Orion Star, which has since launched a range of smart robot hardware products.

Previously, Fu Sheng had proposed that the physical world to migrate to the data world, the past is the PC and mobile phone to assume the carrier of migration, the future is the robot to become this carrier. At the forum, he offered further explanations.

For a while, Fu Sheng thought the Internet would rule everything, but then he started working as a robot and changed his mind. He pointed out that over the past three years, china’s business complex has been increasing passenger traffic and the number of new commercial complexes has been increasing; “Ma said that ten years later the e-commerce business killed everything, but now it seems that a man is a perceived animal after all, and he needs more entities. ”

“So we don’t think mobile phones will rule everything, they’re not a public device.” Fu Sheng believes that there will be a device, so that the physical scene can collect what people say, the user’s needs into a kind of data. Robots are such a device.

Fu Sheng said, “In the previous physical scenario in the user’s needs is not data, only transactions are data, if I ask you is thereĀ  laoganma, waiter said no, the customer left, he did not have this data, but today is a robot to put there, all the questions are turned into data”

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