with a cotton stick Dji Mavic 2 turns into a remote thermometer

At present, at a critical time of epidemic prevention, accurate and efficient screening of fever patients in the population, timely isolation, for the outbreak prevention and control is of great significance. And the use of drones for remote temperature measurement, screening fever patients, can effectively avoid the outbreak prevention and control staff, due to contact with people caused by cross-infection.

On February 19th, we learned from DJI that they deployed contactless remote temperature measurement to assist front-line outbreak prevention and control staff.

On the same day, Dji introduced an emergency solution for uavor temperature measurement, which improved the temperature measurement accuracy of the Mavic  2 industry dual-light version of the UAV to a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.5 degrees  by simply retrofitting a cotton bar in front of the thermal imaging lens.

It has to be said that in this environment, the ability to use such an easy way to modify, and can be quickly put into practice, which also reflects from the side of the DJI team’s strong innovation and pragmatic ability.

According to the “Mavic  2 industry double light version of the temperature measurement guide” introduced by Mavic 2  industry, in the Mavic  2 industry double-light version of the thermal imaging lens to increase the temperature calibration bracket, cotton rod as a temperature reference fixed in the infrared thermal imaging camera field of view, the use of a light temperature gun to the uavouring temperature calibration of the drone, and then the use of the uavor temperature measurement, The scheme greatly improves the accuracy of the human body temperature measurement of the drone, and reduces the temperature measurement error to 0.5 degrees .

It is reported that the current market in the sale of the Dji Mavic  2 industry dual-light version of the drone, equipped with the current smallest three-axis mechanical stability dual-optical thermal imaging cloud camera, and bring their own voice-calling device and other accessories, by many communities and road outbreak checkpoints for remote temperature measurement use.

However, the Mavic  2 industry dual-light version was originally designed for industrial scenes, its thermal imaging lens can not meet the human body temperature measurement such a fine temperature demand, sometimes the temperature measurement error will reach 4 to 5 degrees C, resulting in temperature measurement work is not accurate enough.

This time, by introducing a simple black body (with cotton rods in front of the thermal imaging head lens), it can effectively improve the accuracy of the long-range temperature measurement of the uAV and meet the actual needs of the prevention and control work.

At the same time, the dajic also reminded that the use of drones to measure the temperature of the results, can only be used for reference, can not be used as a basis for medical identification. If a person is found to have asked an abnormal question, also use professional medical equipment for inspection and confirmation.

Gagan cotton stick accuracy increased to .5C, Daji 2 into a remote thermometer

Mavic 22 industry double-light version of the drone with temperature calibration bracket and cotton stick side pic