Reported that the Bloomberg team paid hundreds of people to advertise on social media

Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign is hiring hundreds of people in California to post and send text messages to contacts on his personal social media accounts in support of the Democratic presidential candidate,media CNET reported. More than 500 field organizer aides will be paid $2,500 a month to promote Mr. Bloomberg by sending weekly text messages and posting daily social media posts, according to a Report on Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal.

Reported that the Bloomberg team paid hundreds of people to advertise on social media

The effort could cost the campaign millions of dollars, the Wall Street Journal reported, focusing on the March 3 primary in California, but could expand across the country.

Bloomberg’s campaign says field organizer sits with aides who are sharing their own content, not ads, and has no requirements for how often they post on social media.

“We meet with voters on any platform that uses its news,” said Sabrina Singh, a campaign spokeswoman. One of the most effective ways to attract voters is to activate their friends and networks to encourage them to support Michael as president. “

Earlier this month, Bloomberg paid for his Instagram meme production, which promotes his campaign to millions of followers. Facebook says paying online celebrities to publish content related to political activity is not subject to the social network’s political advertising rules, raising concerns that politicians will use loopholes to evade liability. Instagram’s meme account mentions that the political posts were paid for by Bloomberg but will not appear in Facebook’s ad library.

It’s unclear whether it’s necessary to mark messages from digital organizers of the campaign as ads or sponsored content under Facebook rules, the Wall Street Journal reported.