Sony PS5 price may rise $399 less realistic

Outside enthusiasts have been keeping a high profile about Sony’s announcement of its new console, the PS5. Recently, according to the latest reports inmedia, because of the product performance improvement, Sony PS5 game console compared to before. The cost has increased a lot, so in a recent earnings call, Sony executives revealed that it was no longer realistic for sony’s new console, the PS5, to continue selling for $399.

Sony PS5 price may rise $399 less realistic

It is understood that Sony is currently making very difficult decisions, the final price of the PS5 is also delayed.

The author learned that due to the increase in manufacturing costs, Sony has previously raised the original price of $399 to $450, and at the same time, the total cost is expected to exceed $500, including operational promotion, research and development and other related costs.

Be aware that the cost of the PS4 console was $381 earlier, so the pre-sale price of $399 is likely to increase appropriately.

Based on previous information, Sony’s new game console PS5 will use the AMD 7nm process of the Zen 2 CPU plus Navi RDNA GPU at 2000MHz, with a higher speed SSD with a transmission rate of up to 5.5 GB/s;

In addition, there are some media reports that the Sony PS5 is also down-compatible with PS4 and PS4 Pro game content, the PS5 GPU has 3 switch modes, the normal mode is “gen 2”, can run next-generation games.

In addition, the release of the Sony PS5 is also a concern for many enthusiasts. Sony executives revealed at the meeting that the new PlayStation console will go on sale at the end of the year. Subject to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia outbreak, the possibility of the early release of the new game console is very low, at the same time, the outbreak will indirectly affect the production of products and even the global economy.

Sony PS5 price may rise $399 less realistic

The author believes that Sony’s new game console, although compared to the previous generation of products have a significant performance improvement, but in the meantime, the PS4 and PS4 Pro can still be a war, enthusiasts can sink their hearts, patiently waiting for the official launch of the PS5.