Google Docs Autocorrect Begins Widespread Launch of Smart Compose in G Suite Beta

In November, Google Docs began testing autocorrect and Smart Compose features as part of a drive to improve user productivity with machine learning,media reported. Although the availability of these two features is hierarchical, they are now widely available. The auto-corrections in Google Docs on the web are the same as the real-time spelling and grammar corrections first enabled by Gmail.

Misspelling words are automatically corrected and underlined with a gray dotted line, but the tag disappears as the user continues to type.

Hovering over the autocorrected section will see a Undo button, which the user can also operate through the operating system’s standard keyboard shortcuts.

Although accessing the tool’s preferences and unchecking AutoCorrect Spelling can disable it, the feature is automatically started by default. All G Suite and personal Google accounts will be available for the next few weeks.

Google Docs Autocorrect Begins Widespread Launch of Smart Compose in G Suite Beta

At the same time, Smart Compose is entering General Availability (GA) today, but only for paying customers. As in Gmail, it is thought to help users reduce repeated writing and suggest relevant contextual phrases. It also reduces spelling and grammar errors.

Currently, Smart Compose is only available in the web version and only in English. It will become widely available in the coming weeks.

Similarly, the feature is also enabled by default, and users can disable it by removing Show Smart Compose recommendations through the tool, preferences and unchecking Show Smart Compose recommendations.