AMD’s X86 CPU market share hits new high: Desktop market share is about to break through 20%

In 2019, AMD really turned around! This year AMD introduced the 7nm process of the Ryzen and EPYC processors, the first performance and process both to surpass the old friend Intel, so that AMD’s X86 market share continues to increase, step by step erosion of the opponent’s territory.

AMD在X86 CPU市场份额再创新高 桌面市场即将突破20%

Nomura analysts cited market research firm Mercury Research’s Q3 Q86 market report for q3 2019, saying AMD’s share of the three markets for desktops, laptops and servers rose again, hitting new highs.

In the desktop CPU market, AMD Q3’s share reached 18%, Q2 q2 is 17.1%, and last year Q3 q.d.g. AMD’s share is only 13%, a year increase of 5 percentage points, the end of this quarter to break 20% should be no suspense, after all, 7nm processor is very strong.

Compared with the desktop market, notebooks, servers are mostly difficult, Intel’s advantage in this area is deeply rooted, but AMD is still in the market share, albeit not as fast as desktop.

In the mobile processor market, AMD’s share rose to 14.8 percent from 14.1 percent in the previous quarter — a reminder that laptop CPUs account for 70 percent of Intel’s consumer CPU revenue, and AMD’s 1 percent share.

In the server market, AMD’s share rose 1 percentage point to 4.4 percent from 3.4 percent in Q2.

But this is q3 quarter, this year Q4 AMD is expected to reach 5.1% or higher share, and in 2020 AMD is expected to reach 10% of the share, the first double-digit, this can be never before, to know that Intel’s share in the server CPU market year-round at 95%-99 Between %.

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