Mozilla seeks community ways to reproduce WebRender bugs

Mozilla’s Firefox Graphics team is seeking help from the community, and now it’s time to ask community users for help because they’ve received some random UI error reports and have been unable to find the wrong reoccurrence steps (STR). The team says users who find errors and reproduce the steps will receive a limited prize from Mozilla.

According to the Firefox Graphics team, a bug from WebRender causes Firefox to have a black color block, or a UI display error, but the development team is not yet able to figure out the steps to reproduce the error. WebRender is Firefox’s next-generation 2D rendering GPU engine, with the GPU responsible for the core rendering effort to improve graphics rendering performance.

Mozilla seeks community ways to reproduce WebRender bugs

Mozilla seeks community ways to reproduce WebRender bugs

It is understood that since the second half of last year, there have been some user feedback in the newly released version of random UI errors. Even though the team has been studying these WebRender errors for some time, it is still unable to reproduce the steps that triggered the error.

Although these UI errors occur randomly, they still have some similarities. When an error occurs in the browser’s UI and content areas, scrolling through the page or staying the cursor in those fault areas seems to be able to get it back to normal. Similarly, scrolling the page can also make the tiles disappear when an unknown black color block appears on the page. From the error feedback reports received, most users use Nvidia graphics, but there are some cases on Intel and AMD.

No driver version swasties are specifically related to the error, so the team cannot determine whether the error is a driver bug, but it is certain that all users who have reported the feedback error are Windows 10 consumers. In addition, although the team has been receiving persistent error reports, no one has yet reported the bug, so it is not possible to identify clear re-enactment steps. Firefox Graphics team members use the WebRender feature every day, but have not experienced this error to date.

If you want to reproduce the error, you first need to download Firefox Nightly for installation and run on Windows 10, and the tester must make sure that the browser is WebRender enabled. The Firefox Graphics team also said they also want to see testers find the same error on other platforms.

Finally, if you reproduce this error and want to feed back to the Firefox team, you must have a clear and reproducible error report ready to submit, which may include information such as a specific hardware configuration, attachment, or browsing a particular website, so that Firefox Graphics The team is able to reproduce the error following these steps. Users of the top three feedback will receive a limited T-shirt and sticker from Mozilla.

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