Samsung applies for Space Zoom trademark: may be used on telephoto lens of Galaxy S11

Dutch technology blogger LetsGoDigital has revealed that Samsung has just filed a “Space Zoom” trademark application with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office. It is registered in a category 9/42, and it is assumed that the technology may be related to camera features on smartphones/tablets/smartwatches, especially non-destructive/hybrid zoom systems. Previously, including Huawei’s P30 Pro, OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition, and the recent Reno 2, have all offered a better look than digital zoom quality, and other handset makers are expected to follow suit soon.

三星申请Space Zoom商标 或用于Galaxy S11上的长焦镜头

(Instagram from LetsGoDigital)

In recent times, there have been rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will feature zoom, and the new flagship is expected to be released during the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020) in February 2020, with the company’s new “Galaxy Zook” feature.

In fact, Samsung has really focused on the theme of “space” recently. Last month, for example, the Galaxy S10 5G model was linked to SpaceSelfie Mission.

三星申请Space Zoom商标 或用于Galaxy S11上的长焦镜头

(Picture: LetsGoDigital)

There are also reports that Samsung is developing a telephoto lens code-named “Hubble” for the Galaxy S11 in honor of the space telescope launched in 1990. So, the name “Space Zoom” is still very much in love with it.

Finally, Samsung had earlier applied for the “ISOCell Motion” trademark, or camera sensors for detecting objects and movements on the Galaxy S11 (e.g. to support gestures).

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