30GB package 4 minutes to run out can you afford 5G?

With the official announcement of the 5G package on November 1st, China’s 5G network has officially entered the commercial stage, it seems that our hands of 5G mobile phones are finally no longer useless. But in fact, in addition to regional restrictions and packages are expensive, the speed of 5G is also “very affordable.” Let’s not say how the speed “provokes” ordinary people, but also assume that we have the ability to bear 5G costs.

Now I’m asking you a soul-torture question: Can your small county find a 5G signal?

What has to be mentioned here is the deployment of 5G base stations. Simply put, 5G networks will have to wait until 5G base stations are deployed to achieve full coverage. Currently, you can see where your area is covered with 5G signals or 5G experience rooms through your mobile app.

30GB套餐最快4分钟用完 5G你还用得起吗?

As can be seen from the figure above, the coverage of Beijing belonging to the first-tier cities is not optimistic, not to mention the small county town in our hometown?

The above problem is based on the principle that the 5G network uses higher frequency electromagnetic waves as a signal carrier to increase the amount of information transmitted per unit length. High-frequency electromagnetic waves have the characteristics of short radiation distance and poor ability to penetrate walls. So base station construction needs to reach a high level of density than 4G, you heard that the base station construction needs to invest how many billions are true.

Can ordinary people afford 5G package?

Now suppose that you are a resident of the super cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, you can certainly capture 5G signal, and have bought 5G mobile phones, then the following about the three operators 5G package summary you can certainly use.

30GB套餐最快4分钟用完 5G你还用得起吗?

We can clearly see that you want to use 5G to buy a minimum of 128 yuan package, and only 30GB of traffic. Think of the unbridledness that you’re used to with unlimited traffic, and can 30G control yourself? Once over every 1GB will cost 5 yuan more, or speed limit 5G, this time with 4G is not fragrant?

The policy of 70% off the reservation and the higher the rate of the package may have some appeal, but people with short net age and low income smaller income may not be happy at all.

You can run out of 30GB in 4 minutes, do you still want  5G speed?

On the first day of 5G commercial, the staff of China Mobile Office demonstrated the 5G speed and made an account for us.

Download more than 10 apps on a 4G network on a phone, and the progress bar is as slow as everyone uses them every day, but when switching to 5G network, it takes only two or three seconds for all the apps to be downloaded.

This speed is really shocking.

But then the staff gave us an example and calculated a sum of money, it made us wake up: download a high-definition movie of  2G, consume 128 yuan to buy a 30GB package, and you can download 15 movies in a month. If at a 5G peak 1Gbps rate, these 15 movies can be downloaded in 4 minutes. That means we’ll run out of 30GB in four minutes… After that, you’ll pay an extra $5 for 1G.

30GB套餐最快4分钟用完 5G你还用得起吗?

BOE partners to achieve the world’s first 8K and 5G remote broadcast

In fact, most of the operators we see are taking the lead in competing for 5G users. But as we also learned, such a speed in the short term we are hard to enjoy. The Chinese Academy of Engineering has also said that the popularity of 5G users may take six or seven years.

In fact, according to AI Financial News Agency, 5G’s first wave of users is not holding the terminal of us, but the enterprise, that is, the mobile phone is a very small part of the 5G application scenario, it has a broader space for development. For example, on the first day of 5G commercial, two large screens in the exhibition area compared to 4K and 8K live, such as the application of the robotic arm.

In addition, at this year’s China Unicom Smart Eco Cooperation Conference, Li Guohua, General Manager of China Unicom, also jointly released the “China Unicom Empowerment” eco-cooperation brand with the partners’ representatives at the conference, and extended an olive branch directly to the industrial chain. All of this bodes well for 5G real application space.

Write at the end

It seems that the current form of 5G is not quite suitable for us to use, perhaps wait until the technology is more mature, the application of a broader, more friendly price, we come back to enjoy 5G speed is not too late.

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