Thai 17-year-old Internet addict suffer and died from stroke after overnight game

A teenager in Ulong Province, Thailand, suffered a stroke after playing games all night during a school holiday and then died suddenly in front of his computer, the Daily Mail of London reported. Piyawat Harikun, 17, finished his course at the end of October, using his free time to play multiplayer fighting games on his PC.

泰国17岁网瘾少年通宵玩游戏后中风  猝死电脑前

His parents say he often stays up all night, pulling up the curtains during the day and continuing to play games. They would take the food to his room and urge him to stop, but he refused. Piyawat’s father, Jaranwit, walked into the bedroom Monday afternoon and found his son fall from a computer chair and kneel down at the table.

Jaranwit, an Air Force officer, said he tried to save his son, but he was dead. “I called him and said ‘wake up, wake up,’ but he didn’t respond,” he said. I can tell he’s dead. “

Paramedics examining the body said the teenager died of a stroke, which they believewas caused by playing computer games all night.

Jaranwit admits that his son is a game-obsessed player and warns other parents not to let their children get hooked on the game. “My son is smart and has always done well at school, but gaming addiction has always been a big problem for him,” he says. “

“I tried to warn him not to play games for long periods of time, and he promised to reduce the amount of time he spent playing, but it was too late. He died before he had a chance to change. “

“I hope my son’s death will give the parents of other game addicts a warning. They need to limit their children’s game time more strictly, or their children may end up being like my son. “

The boy’s body was taken from the hospital to a nearby Buddhist temple, where his heartbroken father will arrange a funeral for him.

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