Unofficial: Tesla Cybertruck has over 500,000 bookings

Tesla Cybertruck has booked more than half a million vehicles since its launch in November, according to unofficial statistics updated by booking holders, according tomedia. The electric pickup has received a variety of comments because of public disagreements over the design of the electric pickup, but at the same time it has received enough attention.

Unofficial: Tesla Cybertruck has over 500,000 bookings

Tesla opened the booking channel to potential buyers after the announcement, and they only had to pay a $100 deposit.

It’s been a few days since Tesla CEO Elon Musk last released Cybertruck booking data, a week after the car’s launch, which received more than a half a million bookings. Now, data from, the website of Cybertruck booking holders, estimates that the number of cars booked now exceeds 500,000 (522,764).

In addition, according to statistics, only 17% of bookholders want a single-engine version of Cybertruck, which sells for less than $40,000. The rest want to buy a dual- or three-motor version, about half of them. Apparently, they sell for a higher price, with the dual-motor version understood to start at $50,000.

Tesla plans to launch two later Cybertrucks in the second half of next year.

In addition, Musk indicated that the electric ATV Cyberquad will be launched as an option for Cybertruck.