SETI Institute unveils new “Finding Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life” program

According tomedia BGR, astronomers can observe a lot of things as they gaze into space. According to their targets, some are concentrated in distant galaxies or nearby stars, while others involve the search for exoplanets or objects in the solar system. The setI researchers have a very specific goal and named it ” Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life”.

Now, under a new protocol between the SETI Institute and the VLA Observatory in New Mexico, scientists will scan the entire sky for signs of extraterrestrial civilization. The project will be daunting and will require the use of 28 large radio telescopes, but this may be the best chance for astronomers to find intelligent life in the universe.

As the Guardian reported, scientists looking for extraterrestrial life gained the ability to collect real-time data during surveys, which is significant for SETI researchers.

Tony Beasley, director of the National Radio Observatory, said in an interview: “Determining whether we are the only species with advanced technology in the universe is one of the most compelling questions in the scientific community, and our telescopes can play an important role in answering that question.” “

Becoming an alien hunter is an exciting time, but the project certainly has its limitations at the moment. The researchers will use radio telescopes to listen to signals showing advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. To prepare for the project, researchers will have to do some work ahead of time, but once they’re ready, scientists looking for aliens may end up getting what they’ve been waiting for.