Journal article author plagiarized and lists original author as second author

Human Geography magazine disclosed a plagiarism incident, the magazine’s 2019 volume 34, issue series 5, 1-8 pages, “Fielding and Networking: Multiple Tensions in Places: Revisiting the Concept of ‘Place’ in Human Geography” (author Liu Bin, Wang Zhihong) first author Liu Bin plagiarized the Taiwanese journal Wang Zhihong published in the Taiwan journal “The Multiple Tensions of Fielding and Networking – Re-exploring the Concept of ‘Locals”, 2015 in the Journal of Urban and Design.

And without his consent, Wang Zhihong was listed as the second author. Human Geography said it failed to detect plagiarism in advance because the “database of academic misconduct detection systems currently in use does not contain academic results from Taiwanjournal journals.”

Liu Bin also issued a letter of apology to Wang Zhihong, “I once again beg you for understanding and forgiveness, and can give a chance to wash my face, so that I can do things well again.”


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