Thousands of netizens agree: Why Windows 10’s Wi-Fi window doesn’t have a refresh button

In the five years since its release, Microsoft has made a number of major improvements to its Windows 10 system, but it has not added a refresh button to its Wi-Fi selection window. That is, Windows 10 automatically scans the currently available network scans whenever you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network through a network icon in the taskbar. However, after a short scan, it waits for the user’s interaction, at which point the user selects the network to which they should connect.

Thousands of netizens agree: Why Windows 10's Wi-Fi window doesn't have a refresh button

The Wi-Fi window is automatically refreshed after it pops up, or the new available networks are automatically rescanned against a pre-set time period. So isn’t there a refresh button that lets users connect to the right network faster without having to wait?

This is obviously frustrating for many users, so this week on Reddit, the request for a refresh button on the Wi-Fi selection screen became so enthusiastic that many users called on Microsoft to get the feature online as soon as possible. More than 1,000 users now support the feature, which they say is easier to refresh than restarting a Wi-Fi window.

Thousands of netizens agree: Why Windows 10's Wi-Fi window doesn't have a refresh button

However, Redditor TehFrozen Yogurt says the refresh button doesn’t make any sense simply because it’s not how Wi-Fi works. Neither Android nor iOS offers refresh options on the Wi-Fi selection screen, they say, because the wireless access point broadcasts SSID sat sits only at regular intervals, so the operating system only scans the network and lists it when it detects it.

“Because the way it works is windows listening to WiFi access points, it doesn’t make sense to refresh buttons, doesn’t it?” he says. Having a refresh button will mean providing the user with some placebo buttons for clicking. Yes, from a UX perspective, the refresh button makes sense, but it’s not suitable for WiFi protocols. “