Nintendo official tweet reminds players: Watch out for pets to be device killers

Nintendo’s official Twitter account today issued a friendly tweet specifically reminding players with Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite and fitness rings to be careful of their pets. Thanks to NS’s modular design, players may habitually throw things around after removing Joy-Con for play, in case the player’s pet becomes curious, and in a matter of seconds, it may be soaked in saliva or even urine.


“Because your pets have poor visual resolution, your NS device will become their toy!” It’s too late when you know… Because your NS device is likely to have been soaked with saliva or urine, these fluids are likely to damage the device. ”

“In addition, your pet may have a pentocing interest in biting the cable (landline mode connection), and if you are keeping a pet, make sure your device is in a safe place! “

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