ASML denies cutting lithographs from Chinese manufacturers: global customers treated equally

Today’s hot topic over ASML photolithography machine to Chinese manufacturers cutting off , ASML company officials also issued a statement, denied delayed shipments, cut off supplies and other claims, said the media reports are wrong, ASML is the same as customers around the world. The foreign media report comes from Japan’s Nikkei news exclusive, for their report, ASML said the delay is only media speculation, ASML has never commented on or confirmed this.

ASML expressed protest sifts against Nikkei’s practice of characterizing speculation as fact and highlighting it in the headlines.


ASML reiterated that it treats customers all over the world equally.

ASML denied the so-called extension and denial of confessions, saying that under the Wassena, exporting EUV photolithography machines to Chinese companies would need to obtain an export license from the Dutch government, which is currently awaiting approval from the Dutch government at the end of this year.

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