Intel’s first Xe graphics appears in GFXBench

Intel’s third march into the single-handed cry is deafening and now looks good. Intel DG1, known as “Graphics gfx-driver-user-feature_dg1_poweron-27723 DCH ReleaseInternal”, has appeared in GFXBench. However, the exact results may not be visible because the test was not completed or kept secret.


According to previous reports, Intel’s DG1 unique display will be based on the Xe architecture, but this is an LP low-power direction of the graphics card, with GDDR6 memory, positioned at the GTX 1050 level, the latter is the NVILOPPA Pascal architecture of the mid-to-low-end graphics card, floating-point performance of about 1.9TFS.

That said, if the DG1 is positioned in an entry-level unique market, then a mature, low-cost, and high-performance 14nm process is actually more appropriate.

Of course, there are also 512 EU high-end products, and it is not impossible to fight THE RTX 2080 at 10nm plus.

Multiple sources say Intel Xe will be released in the summer of 2020, with a more likely Taipei computer show in June.

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