EU privacy body warns of privacy risks involved in Google’s Fitbit deal

Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitness Tracker company Fitbit could pose a privacy risk, the European Data Protection Commission (EDPB) warned on Thursday. Google announced the deal in November as it tried to compete with Apple and Samsung in the fitness tracker and smartwatch market.

EU privacy body warns of privacy risks involved in Google's Fitbit deal

Fitbit’s fitness trackers and other devices monitor users’ daily pace, calorie stakes and travel distances, which allows Google to access the vast amount of health data collected by Fitbit devices.

The EU’s privacy watchdog said the visit was worrying.

“A large technology company may further consolidate and accumulate sensitive personal data about Europeans, which could pose a high risk to privacy and data protection,” it said. “

The agency urged technology companies to assess their data privacy requirements and implications in a transparent manner and mitigate possible privacy and data protection risks.

Google says it will never sell personal information to anyone, that Fitbit’s health data will not be used for its advertising, and that Fitbit users can choose to view or delete their data.

“Protecting personal information is at the heart of our work and we will continue to work constructively with regulators,” the company said in a statement. “