Uber is still using Waymo’s know-how or forced to sign licensing agreements

Uber has said it may have to enter into a licensing agreement with Waymo or choose to make costly changes to its self-driving software. Experts have previously found that Uber is still using Waymo’s technology. In February 2017, Waymo sued Uber, accusing senior engineer Anthony Levandowski and Uber of conspiring to steal more than 14,000 confidential documents and seek nearly $1.9 billion in damages.

Uber仍在使用Waymo专有技术 或被迫签署授权协议

In February last year, the two companies reached a settlement in which Uber agreed to pay Waymo a 0.34 percent stake, worth about $245 million. At the same time, Uber said it would not use Waymo’s confidential technology in its own hardware and software.

As part of the settlement, experts will also be asked to analyze Uber’s software to assess whether it is still using Waymo’s technology. But experts have found that Uber is still using Waymo’s technology. For now, Uber is still catching up with Waymo in developing self-driving software and hardware.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday, Uber said a problem in software development “could limit or delay the production of our self-driving car technology.” ”

Waymo said in a statement that the findings of the independent software experts “further confirm Waymo’s allegations that Uber stole intellectual property from our software.” We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure that our confidential information is not used by Uber. ”

Last year, Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s chief executive, said the company did not use Waymo’s proprietary information in hardware or software. But in April, just weeks before the IPO, Uber revealed that the results of the software experts’ findings were mixed and that uber could pay a high price.

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