Take stock of the new “effective medicine” for the new coronapneumonia approved by experts

With the continuous development of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the development of special drugs has attracted much attention. From overnight-out double-yellow-linked oral fluids to the later-sealed Redsiewe, more and more drugs have been found to have some therapeutic effect on the 2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), including pure Western medicine and a batch of antiviral-active drugs in Chinese medicines.

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According to Zhang Xinmin, director of the Biological Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the research team has simulated 70,000 drug screening, selected 5,000 drugs that may be effective, and initially screened 100 drugs at the cellular level to conduct experiments in vitro. NetEase technology “state” column for everyone to integrate the experts mentioned the top ten effective drugs.

1. Chlorpyrifos phosphate

Recommended time: February 17, the State Council joint defense and control mechanism held a press conference, the Ministry of Science and Technology, deputy director of the biological center Sun Yanrong said that in clinical, whether from the rate of severe disease, heat removal phenomenon or the lung image improvement time, viral nucleic acid transition time and transnegative rate, as well as shorten the course of the disease and a series of indicators, The drug group of chloroquine phosphate was better than the control group.

Expert evaluation: by Zhong Nanshan academician, a number of drug research and development and clinical experts to participate in expert demonstration, jointly study the efficacy of chloroquine phosphate for the new coronary pneumonia. “The drug is an old drug that has been on the market for many years and the safety of treatment for a wide range of people is manageable.” Based on the results of the preliminary clinical institutions, it can be cleared that chloroquine phosphate has a certain effect in treating new coronary pneumonia.”

Zhong Nanshan in February 18 in the media reporter’s question also mentioned that “chloroquine phosphate is not enough to take special drugs, but the therapeutic effect, side effects are not big, worthy of research and discussion.” “

Medication Brief: Chlorpyrifos phosphate was used to treat malaria in the 1940s and later to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

How does chloroquine of phosphate play an antiviral role? First, since chloroquine can change the ph value of the inner swallow, it has a significant inhibitory effect on viral infections that invade cells through the internal swallowing pathway, secondly, chloroquine can affect viral replication by inhibiting viral gene expression, and chloroquine, as a good autophagy inhibitor, can interfere with infection and replication of the virus by affecting the autophagy reaction.

Stage of development: Clinical trial phase for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

2, Redseyway

Recommended time: February 6, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Health and Reform Commission, the State Drug Administration and other departments, the antiviral drug remdesivir has completed the registration and approval of clinical trials, the first batch of cases into the group has been in place. The drug is still in clinical trials and is not on the market.

Expert evaluation: January 24, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center Party Secretary Lu Hongzhou said that from the current research data, Redsiewe is probably the most potential anti-new crown drugs.

Drug Profile: Redsiewe is a broad-spectrum antiviral drug developed by U.S. drugmaker Gilead. The drug was originally developed for the Ebola virus, but its effect sparing was not so obvious, and in in vitro and in vivo animal models, the activity of Redsiewe against MERS and SARS virus pathogens, both of which are coronaviruses, are structurally similar to the new coronavirus. But it is unclear whether Redciewe will show any clinical activity with the new coronavirus.

Redciewe has been used in the United States and France for the treatment of patients with new coronavirus pneumonia, showing better efficacy. Currently, Phase III clinical trials of Redcywe for the treatment of the 2019 new coronavirus infection are being advanced in China.

Stage of development: Clinical trial phase, the results of the Redcywe clinical trial are expected in April.

3, Fapilae (aka Faviraville)

Recommended time: February 4, the Ministry of Science and Technology, deputy director of the biological center Sun Yanrong at a press conference of the National Health and Reform Commission, said that has found chlorpyrifos phosphate, fabire, as well as a number of traditional Chinese medicine with anti-new coronavirus activity of the market drugs.

Expert evaluation: February 15, at the State Council joint defense and control mechanism press conference, the Ministry of Science and Technology Biological Center Director Zhang Xinmin said that Fabiriver is the treatment of influenza of foreign listed drugs, currently in Shenzhen to carry out clinical trials, the group of patients reached more than 70 cases, including the control group, initially showed a more obvious efficacy and lower adverse reactions. On the 3rd to 4th days after treatment, the viral nucleic acid transposini rate in the drug group was significantly higher than that of the control group.

Drug Profile: Fabiriver is a new RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) inhibitor, a broad-spectrum anti-flu virus drug developed by Fujifilm Group Toyama Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved its listing in March 2014, primarily for the treatment of new and recurrent influenza. It is understood that China’s Haizheng Pharmaceuticals and Japan’s Toyama Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. signed an exclusive licensing agreement for compound patents in June 2016. Haizheng Pharmaceuticals subsequently signed a technical cooperation agreement with the Institute of Toxic drugs of the Military Medical Research Institute of the People’s Liberation Army to develop the Fabilawe project.

Stage of development: Clinical trial phase for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

4, Abigail

Recommended time: February 4, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician, the National Health and Health Commission high-level expert group member Li Lanxuan team said that, according to preliminary tests, in vitro cell experiments showed that Abigail at 10 to 30 micromolars concentration, compared with the drug untreated control group, can effectively inhibit the coronavirus up to 60 times, And significantly inhibit edicurable effect of virus on cells.

Expert evaluation: Li Lanxuan academician team member Chen Zubing said that earlier, in Zhejiang Pro treatment, this Abidore and Dalunawe has been in Zhejiang Province, the new coronavirus infection pneumonia patients, at present, the two drugs have replaced other drugs with poor results.

Medication Profile: Abigail is an antiviral drug developed by the former Soviet Center for Drug Chemistry Research, the main indications are influenza a class A, Class B influenza virus, while other respiratory virus infections may also have antiviral activity. It is proved that there is a certain inhibitory activity of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV coronavirus. This is a prescription drug and must be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Development stage: In vitro cell testing phase for the treatment of neo-coronary pneumonia.

5, Dalunawe

Recommended time: February 4, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National Health and Health Commission high-level expert group member Li Lanxuan team said that according to preliminary tests, in vitro cell experiments showed that Dalunavir at 300 micromole concentration, can significantly inhibit viral replication, compared with the unused drug treatment group, inhibition efficiency of 280 times.

Expert evaluation: For the study data of Abidore and Dalunavir drugs, several experts have questioned the biological activity of these two drugs is poor, especially Dalunavir, it is difficult to achieve viral inhibition in the body.

Li’s follow-up response said that the available data is a laboratory result, only for reference during discussions with experts within the team, and not published as a result.

Drug Profile: Darunavir, developed by Tibotec, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, was first listed in the United States in July 2006. The drug is used in combination with other antiretroviral drugs to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in adult patients.

Development stage: In vitro cell testing phase for the treatment of neo-coronary pneumonia.

6. Hydroxychloroquine

Recommended time: February 13, in Shanghai, the new coronary pneumonia outbreak prevention and control series of press conference, Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Chen Kaixian said that chloroquine in in vitro research has shown good anti-new coronavirus activity, has been the Ministry of Science and Technology, health and health committee as a clinical trial drug.

Expert evaluation: February 18, Wuhan University People’s Hospital announced that the discovery of hydroxychloroquine in patients with neo-coronary pneumonia treatment has been effective. In clinical trials, 20 patients experienced improved symptoms after using hydroxychloroquine.

At the same time, Wuhan University People’s Hospital said that although the number of cases in this clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine group, the results may be biased, but the current trial data can provide a reference for clinicians to decide treatment options.

Medication Profile: Hydroxychloroquine was originally an antimalarial drug and was first used in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus in 1955, with good results. Further studies have found that the drug, which works in rheumatic diseases by inhibiting overactivated autoimmune effects, has been used as an immunomodulator.

Chloroquine generally refers to chloroquine phosphate, hydroxychloroquine sulphate is an improved version of chloroquine phosphate, easier to buy and less side effects, similar to hydroxychloroquine chloroquine phosphate, has previously been listed as a potentially effective drug list.

Development stage: Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group jointly launched a clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine treatment of new coronary pneumonia at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center.

7, Lopinave/Litonaway

Recommended time: January 22, according to the National Health and Reform Commission issued the “new coronavirus infection pneumonia treatment plan (trial third version) “, patients can try the Lopinavir / Litonavir antiviral treatment.

Expert evaluation: Wang Guangfa, director of respiratory and critical medicine at Peking University First Hospital, said the drug was effective for his case, but it was not clear whether it was effective for other patients and required follow-up observation.

Hu Bijie, a member of the national expert group on medical treatment of new coronavirus infection pneumonia and director of the infectious disease department of Sun Yat-sen Hospital affiliated with Fudan University, said in an interview with the media on February 17 th that the anti-AIDS drug Lopina Velitonave, some patients will have diarrhea and other side effects, and its clinical effect son-in-control of the virus is not obvious. It is no longer recommended.

However, in the New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Treatment Programme (Trial Sixth Edition) of 19 February, it was recommended that ribavirin be combined with interferon or Lopinavir/Litonavir.

Medication Profile: Lopinavir/Litonavir has long been on the market in China, mainly for THE treatment of AIDS drugs. Lopinavir is the main drug that binds to viral proteases to make the resulting viral particles immature and non-infectious, while litonavir inhibits the liver’s metabolism of lopinavir, thereby increasing the concentration of lopinavir blood medicine and acting in synergy.

Current in vitro studies have shown that Lopinavir/Litonavir can inhibit the replication of MERS-CoV and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and act as an antiviral.

Stage of development: Clinical trial phase for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

8, even flower saffron capsules / particles

Recommended time: January 27th, the National Health and Reform Commission “new coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program” in the fourth and fifth edition, even flower plague capsules / particles are classified as medical observation period medication, for fatigue with fever patients.

Expert evaluation: Zhong Nanshan academician February 18 in an interview with the media said that the six god capsules (pills), lotus plague capsules and other drugs in the clinical has been very common. If these Chinese medicines do show a reduction in the virus into cells or reduce the storm of inflammation, this can provide a basis and clue stoushei on the use of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine can be used with confidence once there is evidence. Especially for some early and medium-term patients.

Drug Introduction: Even flower plague capsule has the effect of anti-venom, the effect of pulmonary fever, is an important prescription for the treatment of influenza fever attack lung certificate. Its composition: lian, gold and silver flowers, red jute, fried bitter almonds, gypsum, plate blue root, horse-slinging crowd, fishy grass, broad musk, big yellow, red sky, mint brain, licorice.

By the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou National Key Laboratory for Respiratory Diseases and other institutions have done a lot of anti-viral experiments, confirmed that even the plague of A H1N1, H3N2, H9N2, H6N2, H7N9, influenza B virus and so on have inhibited effect.

Stage of development: Clinical trial phase for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

9, clear lung detox soup

Recommended time: February 17, the State Council joint defense and control mechanism held a press conference, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Director of science and technology, Li Wei, said at the meeting, February 6, the National Health and Reform Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued a letter to the national recommendation of the use of clean lung detox soup.

Expert evaluation: On February 17th, Li Wei, Director of the Science and Technology Department of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that Chinese medicine prescriptions such as qing lung detox soup had achieved good clinical efficacy in the treatment of new coronal pneumonia.

Drug Introduction: According to experts, qing lung detox soup by han Dynasty Zhang Zhongjing’s “Typhoid disease theory” in a number of treatments caused by cold evil caused by the classical prescription optimization combination, reasonable, peaceful sexual taste.

Combined with the clinical observation of multi-site doctors, this party is suitable for light, ordinary, heavy patients, in the treatment of critical patients can be combined with the actual situation of patients reasonable use.

Stage of development: Clinical trial phase for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

10, plasma treatment

Recommended time: February 13, China Bio announced that the successful preparation of special plasma for clinical treatment, more than 10 critically ill patients have received relevant treatment.

Expert evaluation: Zhong Nanshan in February 18, in an interview with the media, said that in Wuhan Institute of Biological Governance, there have been 10 cases of treatment, of which 6 cases have viral emias, after the use of plasma treatment, two or three days after the disappearance of viral emias, the clinical situation of patients improved.

Zhong Nanshan believes that the use of rehabilitation patients plasma treatment is a relatively old way, but more effective, more safe, especially for seriously ill patients, not suitable for dying patients.

Medication Introduction: Plasma is pale yellow, is an important part of the blood. The main role of plasma in the human body is to transport the substances needed to sustain human life activities and waste generated in the body, which plays an important role in immune defense.

After the new coronavirus infects the human body, the body’s immune system will produce the corresponding substances to resist the new coronavirus, when the patient recovers, these substances are still in the patient’s blood, this is antibodies. Antibodies, proteins produced by B cells (immune cells) in the human body, specifically identify and help the body remove pathogens. In theory, obtaining plasma containing antibodies from the blood of the recovering person, injected into a heavy, critically critical patient, may help the patient overcome the virus.

Stage of development: Clinical trial phase for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

Writing at the end: Although experts recommend many drugs, Professor Zhang Wenhong, director of the infection department at Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, told the Beijing News that “the most effective drugs are human immunity.” “

Immunity, immunity is the body’s own defense mechanism, is the human body to identify and eliminate foreign invasion of any foreign objects (viruses, bacteria, etc.), to deal with aging, injury, death, degenerative of their own cells, and to identify and process the body’s mutant cells and virus esviras.

Therefore, eat well, sleep well, maintain healthy living habits, appropriate do more exercise, maintain an optimistic attitude, avoid worry, thinking, depression, anger, mobilize the body’s immune function and self-healing function, play its normal role.


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