(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19569 Release: Introducing new icons

For Windows Insider members of the Fast channel, Microsoft today released an update to Windows 10 Build 19569. No new features have been introduced in the new version, but new icons are enabled. After Office enabled the new icon, Microsoft announced new Fluent Design design icons, including apps such as Groove, Movies and TV, Mail and Calendar, which have been updated.

(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19569 Release: Introducing new icons

As usual, Windows 10 Build 19569 primarily fixes a variety of BUGS to optimize background performance and stability. The main improvements are:

Fix an issue that caused OneDrive to not work properly, and a large amount of CPU usage was accidentally used in previous releases.

Some third-party virtual machines do not recognize an issue with the SCSI driver, which caused a c1900191 error on these devices. Microsoft will continue to investigate other c1900191 errors on other devices.

Fixes an issue that affects the reliability of the start menu after some Windows Insider members upgrade

Fixes a SYSTEMTHREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED error that occurred in Insider in a recent release.

The following known issues exist in this release

Because of the adjustments made in the operating system by some Preview Insider versions and some BattlEye anti-cheat software versions, BattlEye and Microsoft found incompatibilities. To protect insiders who may have installed these versions on their PCs, Microsoft has applied compatibility reservations to these devices to prevent affected versions of Windows Insider Preview. For more information, see this article.

Microsoft notes that Narrator and NVDA users may experience some problems navigating and reading certain web content while looking for the latest Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium. The Narrator, NVDA, and Edge teams already know about these issues. Classic version of Edge browser users will not be affected. NVAccess has released NVDA 2019.3, which addresses a known issue with Edge.

Some Insider personnel could not update to the updated version, with an error of 0x8007042b.

The Document section under Privacy has a corrupted icon (just a rectangle).

When you upgrade in some languages, such as Japanese, the Windows X%page does not render the text correctly (show box only).

You are continuing to study the following question: If the clipboard history (WIN-V) is deleted without pasting anything, the input will stop working in some places.

The cloud recovery option for “Reset this PC” does not apply to this version. When performing Reset This PC, use the local reinstall option.

(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19569 Release: Introducing new icons

(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19569 Release: Introducing new icons

(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19569 Release: Introducing new icons

(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19569 Release: Introducing new icons