This terrible stage in women has saved apples that help eliminate menopausal symptoms

On February 19th, a study published in the Journal of the North American Menopause Association showed that apples may be able to reduce menopausal symptoms. Although hormone therapy is currently a viable treatment for menopausal-related symptoms, the exploration of non-drug treatment options is ongoing, which is important for women who are not suitable for medication.

This terrible stage in women has saved apples that help eliminate menopausal symptoms


Previous studies have shown that dietary factors may play a key role in estrogen production, metabolism, and menopausal symptoms. In particular, eat a fruit or Mediterranean diet (a healthy, simple, light and nutritious diet).

The study further analyzed the effects of specific fruits and vegetables on different menopausal symptoms. The researchers found that while certain subgroups of fruits and vegetables can improve certain menopausal symptoms, eating too much of these subgroups may lead to health problems associated with urogenitalwork.

For example, citrus fruits are considered to have a negative effect on the genitourinary system compared to other types of fruits, as are green leafy or dark yellow vegetables compared to other vegetables.

The researchers say the small cross-sectional study provides some preliminary evidence of the effect of fruit and vegetable intake on menopausal symptoms. But too much intake may lead to other health problems.

Therefore, further research is needed to determine whether different menopausal symptoms are affected by dietary choices and other negative effects. But for now, apples are a good choice for menopausal women.