Apple issues $2.2 billion in green bonds in Europe

Apple has just released a $2.2bn Green Bonds in Europe, according to foreign media reports, and the proceeds will be used to reduce the company’s carbon emissions and other environmental projects around the world. New bond issuance is almost twice the size of Apple’s bond issuance in the past few years, bringing the total amount of debt issued over the past few years to $4.7 billion.


iCloud solar panels, paid in part by previous green bonds

Apple said the previous green bond quota had been allocated to 40 global environmental projects, from which 66 per cent of its renewable energy came from.

It is reported that the specific energy projects funded by the green bonds include the Aquifer in Oregon, the solar roof project in Japan, etc., while Apple’s applications in the actual product include the development of 100% recyclable aluminum alloy in the MacBook Air and Mac mini. Apple’s environmental testing lab in Cupertino and the iPhone’s dismantling robots, Daisy and Liam.

Like other Apple bonds, green bonds function to borrow money from investors seeking safe investments. , its main commitment is to allocate funds for environmental projects.

In February 2016, Apple issued its first green bond, worth $1.5 billion. In March of the following year, the company detailed how the first $441.6 million of the $441.6 million was spent and said most of it was spent on construction and renewable energy.

Apple is one of many U.S. companies that have expressed continued support for the Paris agreement, despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

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