Huawei’s 5G equipment sells well in Europe ,U.S. officials rebuke EU countries

On Thursday, Michael Kratsios, the us government’s chief technology officer, criticized what he called “open arms” to China’s 5G network and artificial intelligence technology, foreign media reported.

华为5G设备欧洲大卖 美国官员再次指责欧盟国家

Europe must “stand with the United States”, Mr. Crecios told a technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, on Thursday. In May, the U.S. government imposed export controls on China and urged EU countries not to use Huawei’s products.

“We may not be able to agree on all aspects of technology policy, but we can all agree on the most important principles,” Mr. Crecios said. “

European companies, however, do not seem to be deterred by the so-called concerns of the US government. Huawei said last month that half of the 65 commercial contracts it signed so far for the construction of 5G networks were contracts from European customers.

In a recently released report on the risk assessment of national cyberattacks, the European Parliament explicitly refused to target China and Huawei as security risks.

A European Commission official said Mr Cresios had met earlier in the day with Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s antitrust commissioner, to discuss “digital issues”.

Mr. Crisios, 32, is a venture capitalist and executive at Investment Management firm Thiel Capital. For the past few years, as the Trump administration’s head of science and technology policy, he has been working on U.S. technology policy for Trump.

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