Intel announces streamlining of Cascade Lake Xeon scalable processor product line

This week, Intel launched a thin plan for its second-generation Xeon Extensible (Cascade Lake) processor to minimize the number of SKUs in the new family. In the case of the Xeon Gold 6222 and 6262, Intel recommends that customers choose other versions that are still available. The base of the Intel 20-core Xeon Gold 6222 processor with two UPI links / Refrequency 1.8 / 3.6GHz with 27.5MB cache. The 24-core Xeon Gold 6262 has a frequency of 1.9 / 3.6GHz and a 33MB cache.

英特尔宣布精简Cascade Lake至强可扩展处理器产品线

(Image via AnandTech)

In fact, the two are not part of the Cascade Lake line of products officially announced in April, and they may only apply to some customers. In addition, the family includes the Xeon Gold 6222V and the Xeon Gold 6262V.

They have the same specifications in core number, frequency, cache size, thermal design power consumption (TDP), etc., but have three UPI links for a more common 4P configuration. According to the Intel ARK database, their quotes are not very different.

英特尔宣布精简Cascade Lake至强可扩展处理器产品线

By shutting down the Xeon Gold 6222 / 6262, Intel can reduce the pressure on its own capacity and eliminate the need to disable additional UPI links within these chips, or even to discover chips with damaged UPI interfaces, making SKU management easier.

Intel recommends that customers who require xeon Gold 6222/6262 processors, preferably by December 27, 2019, with a final delivery time of November 6, 2020. Meanwhile, the Xeon Gold 6222V / 6262V will continue to be available.

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