Logitech unveils new Slim Folio keyboard case: supporting third-generation iPad Air

To enhance the tablet experience, many people will buy a comfortable keyboard case, especially after Apple upgraded the iPad’s operating system from iOS to iPad OS. If you’re thinking about buying a third-generation iPad Air, Logitech’s new Slim Folio is a great choice. The new Slim Folio is not only lightweight and portable, but also offers an adjustable back and Apple Pencil stylus holder.

罗技发布新款Slim Folio键盘保护套 支持第三代iPad Air

(Instagram via Beta News)

Slim Folio offers three modes of use for third-generation iPad Air users: typing, reading, and drawing. Even when moving, it prevents the iPad from accidentally slipping and bumping, as well as up to four years of battery life.

罗技发布新款Slim Folio键盘保护套 支持第三代iPad Air

Here are the specifications for the new Slim Folio keyboard case:

Full-size scissors foot, key distance 17mm, stroke 1.5mm, provide a whole row of shortcuts;

The use of two button battery power, battery life of about four years (2 hours per day), low-power Bluetooth connection;

The viewing angle of typing / reading mode is 58 degrees / 10 degrees;

7.3 x 10.1 x 0.8 inches (185 x 257 x 20mm)

Weighs 1.06 lbs (485 g).

罗技发布新款Slim Folio键盘保护套 支持第三代iPad Air

The logic Slim Folio keyboard case for the third-generation Apple iPad Air is priced at $99.99 (698 RMB), and interested friends can book now, with shipments later this month.

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