Tesla plunges As U.S. announces final findings of Autopilot accident

Tesla’s stock, which has been on the run, stopped trading Monday and closed down 7.5 percent at $833.79. Investors’ concerns about the new coronavirus outbreak have triggered widespread market sell-off. In addition to the possible impact of the outbreak on its performance, Tesla investors are concerned about the national Transportation Security Administration’s (NTSB) forthcoming final findings of autopilot-related crashes.

The NTSB plans to release the report Tuesday afternoon local time in Washington, D.C. (it was scheduled to be released in the morning, but it was delayed). )

Tesla plunges As U.S. announces final findings of Autopilot accident

Tesla CEO Elon Musk often claims that its Autopilot feature sits on life. However, the safety of the self-driving aid system, which is now standard for all Tesla new cars, is still being evaluated by third-party researchers.

The NTSB has previously recommended changes to ensure drivers are focused when using them, including Tesla Autopilot, Cadillac Super Cruises, Nissan ProPilot or Volvo Pilot Assist. and prevent the misuse or misuse of this technology.

Tesla drivers often brag online about using Autopilot, driving without touching the steering wheel, and some even fall asleep behind the wheel. Although the Tesla driver’s manual warns drivers: “Autopilot is a beta feature that must always be on the steering wheel.” “