NASA recreates Apollo 13 mission’s lunar journey with stunning 4K video

NASA’s Apollo 13 mission is one of the agency’s most incredible space missions,media BGR reported. The mission was aimed at landing on the moon, but when the oxygen tank in the spacecraft’s service module exploded and threatened the lives of three astronauts, the mission encountered a huge obstacle. It took them 24 hours to finally emerge from the crisis, a task that was seen as a “failure of success”.

NASA recreates Apollo 13 mission's lunar journey with stunning 4K video

It’s been a tough time for NASA and the astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission. Instead of landing on the moon, the astronauts used the moon’s gravity to return and then quickly return to Earth. It wasn’t planned by anyone, but it did give these people the opportunity to see the moon up close.

Now, with the high-resolution cameras of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), NASA has recreated the Apollo 13 astronauts’ journey around the moon and presented them in 4K. The video lasted only a few minutes.

NASA’s description of the video is as follows:

Using data collected from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft, the video recreates the stunning views of the moon seen by some Apollo 13 astronauts during their dangerous journey in 1970. The visualizations depict many different perspectives on the moon’s surface at 4K resolution, starting with Earth and sunrise, until Apollo 13 re-established radio contact with mission control. It also depicts the path of the free return orbit around the moon, as well as continuous observations of the moon throughout the path. All views have been accelerated for timing purposes – not displayed “in real time”.