SpaceX to use recycled rectifiers for first time in rocket launch mission

SpaceX has taken a far ahead of its competitors in recycling rocket technology, according to foreign media. The company has repeatedly demonstrated that its hardware can be put back into service after a mission and recycling. The advantage of this is that in addition to reducing costs, it can also speed up the timetable for the rocket’s re-launch.

Now, SpaceX hopes to take another step down the road — to reuse the recycled rectifier for the first time.

The launch, scheduled for November 11, will use a rectifier previously used by the Falcon 9, SpaceflightNow reported. This will be the first time SpaceX has reused its rocket rectifier, and if successful, it will mean the company will be able to save more money on future launch missions.

SpaceX is known to have invested a lot of time and effort in designing a system that can recycle rocket rectifiers. Early on, the company tried to slow down the rocket’s head, but failed because of its poor shape. SpaceX then equipped a ship with a giant net to capture the falling heads. With a little bit of luck with the big net, SpaceX finally managed to recycle the rectifier in June and August of this year. Now it needs to prove that the rectifiers it has recycled can be put back into service.


In the launch, SpaceX will launch and deploy 60 communications satellites into space, moving further toward the Starlink mission.

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