Tesla wants European law to benefit electric trucks

Concerned about noise and air pollution, some regional markets already have fairly strict laws, such as a ban on trucking on weekends and during public holidays. But as a leader in the electric car industry, Tesla wants the European Union to open up a cleaner, greener, undisturbed network of electric trucks. After all, the company’s new Semi electric semi-card will be able to run with zero exhaust emissions (no air pollution) and virtually no noise.

Tesla wants European law to benefit electric trucks

(Pictured: Tesla)

Previous legal restrictions on internal combustion engines and trucks with electric powertrains (as well as automatic/assisted driving) were issued and implemented before Elon Musk officially released the Semi electric semi-card.

The electric car maker has approached and lobbied the government, According to Business Insider. If Tesla’s lobbying is successful, the electric truck company, represented by Semi, could be expected to receive a legal ban.

As a result, the logistics companies that buy Tesla Semi trucks will gain a greater policy advantage over their competitors — who doesn’t want an efficient transportmachine that can operate 24 hours a day?

Interestingly, the German Federal Ministry of Transport confirmed that it had indeed held a meeting, stating that it would study ways of integrating “sustainable modern mobility”. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.