SIE announces senior personnel reshuffle: prepare for 2020 PlayStation 5 game debut

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has just announced new initiatives to ensure a strong release of the PlayStation 5 next year, including a leadership reshuffle. Hermen Hulst, the former head of Guerrilla’s gaming studio, will be named head of the global studio, it was announced Thursday. One of its responsibilities is to ensure that the number of first-party hot-button games at the start of the PS5 is at a new high.

SIE宣布高层人事调整:备战2020 PlayStation 5游戏首发

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Meanwhile, Shehei Yoshida, the current president of Universal Pictures, will step down from the job and instead lead a new project to “cultivate independent creators from outside”.

Jim Ryan, SIE’s president and chief executive, sees it as a key to Sony’s overall success: “We want to deliver on our commitment to gamers and create imaginative, exciting, and playStation-exclusive content.”

For Sony, making the PlayStation platform a haven for independent game developers is not a bad thing. Yoshida will report directly to Ryan after the change.

His job description is still a bit vague and lacks further details. But Sony said it would focus on the company’s diverse community of independent developers to ensure they get the tools, technology and services they need to fully engage PlayStation gamers.

In addition, Hermen Hulst is known for co-founding the Guerrilla Game Studio in Amsterdam, where he recently served as managing director.

The studio is best known for its work, Killzone , which debuted on the PlayStation 2 platform in 2004 and released Horizon: Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4 in 2017.

Its unique game engine is also used by the kojima studio’s upcoming “Death Stranding” and other games. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) acquired Guerrilla Studios in 2005.

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