NASA wants public help designing sensors for Venus rover

According tomedia BGR, this work is usually kept within the space agency when it comes to hardware that actually designs to explore other worlds. This trend may be changing as the rover, which is designed to explore Venus, continues to evolve. Now NASA is doing all it can to persuade the public to participate in its projects and missions.

NASA wants public help designing sensors for Venus rover

NASA hopes the public can help design a sensor that could be used in the design of the Venus rover. NASA needs a sensor that can avoid obstacles, which can be mounted on a rover, and the agency is willing to pay a $30,000 bonus for a viable conceptual design.

Venus has an extremely harsh environment, with a surface temperature above 800 degrees Fahrenheit, and because of excessive air pressure, it could quickly destroy anything NASA had ever built. Building a rover that will survive on the surface of Venus would be a huge achievement, and it will take some time to complete the mission.

“JPL presents this challenge to the global community because mobile vehicles must be able to successfully navigate in such a harsh environment to qualify for additional development funding,” explains the NASA Challenge page. Although it may take years to complete the mission to the surface of Venus, the development of a rugged rover sensor will enhance the return of mobile vehicles to Venus, something that has never been tried before. “

NASA provides some additional background:

The challenge is to design sensors that do not rely on electronic systems. The most advanced electronic devices can fail at temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit and can easily succumb to extreme Venusian environments. That’s why NASA is looking for solutions from innovators and inventors around the world.