AMD Big Core Navi stolen by SK Helix: Double volume 5700XT, 24GB HBM2E memory

AMD CEO Dr. Su Zifeng has promised to launch the Big Navi graphics card this year, this time as a front-runner for leaks. This month, AMD’s RRA-registered graphics products, D30201 and D32310, were exposed, reportedly corresponding to “Big Navi”. Unexpectedly, sK Helix employees leaked part of the D32310/15 parameters, GPU includes 80 sets of CU, 5120 stream processors, 320 TMU (texture unit), 96 ROP grating units, secondary cache 12MB.

In terms of memory, 24GB HBM2E, 4096bit, bandwidth up to 2TB/s (pin bandwidth 4Gbps).

AMD Big Core Navi stolen bySK Hynix: Double volume 5700XT, 24GB HBM2E memory

In a simple comparison, the “Big Navi” stream processor, texture unit double compared to the RX 5700 XT with the 7nm Navi 10 core, the ROP unit increased by 50%, the L2 tripled, the memory capacity tripled, and the bandwidth increased 3.5 times.

Because the frequency data is unknown, it is not earlier that the “Big Navi” performance is twice that of the RX 5700 XT, and power consumption is also taken into account (the Big Navi is said to consume less than 300W thanks to the second generation 7nm and RDNA2 architecture). However, AMD is such a pile that it is not difficult to get rid of the RTX 2080 Ti.