Tesla confirms Model Y delivery next month has informed lucky people to confirm pick-up time

February 25 (UPI) — Tesla disclosed that model Y, a cross-border sport utility vehicle, began mass production in January and is expected to begin delivery by the end of the first quarter, according tomedia reports. In the latest report,media said Tesla had confirmed that delivery would begin in March, and that they had begun notifying lucky bookers to determine pick-up times.

Tesla confirms Model Y delivery next month has informed lucky people to confirm pick-up time

Tesla began mass production of the Model Y in the first quarter, but in the early days of production of an electric car, Tesla’s production will not be very high, so delivery will not be much, in March will be the lucky few.

Media have now obtained an email from Tesla to some lucky Model Y subscribers, in which Tesla congratulates consumers that their Model Y is ready for delivery in March.

In the email, Tesla told Model Y subscribers that the next step they needed to determine when to pick up the car so that Tesla could make sure it gave them the best experience. After determining the convenient pick-up time, Tesla will notify them to log into the Tesla account in the next few days to complete the remaining steps in the order, and the exclusive Tesla consultant will be ready to answer questions they may have.

According tomedia reports, Model Y subscribers who received Tesla mail will need to give a time interval when they can pick up their car, according tomedia reports, and Tesla will choose the right delivery time in March.

In terms of specific delivery times, it may not be soon,media said in the report, from multiple reports, Tesla is unlikely to deliver Model Y to consumers by March 15.

Tesla launched the Model Y in March last year, with a standard version, rear-wheel-drive long-range, dual-motor all-wheel drive long-range and dual-motor all-wheel drive performance version 4 versions, the first version is scheduled to start mass production in 2021, the last three versions are scheduled to mass production this year, the current progress is earlier than previously expected.