Google’s Fuchsia project is not recommended in Go language

Fuchsia OS is an experimental operating system that Google is developing, using a microkernel called Zircon. The new operating system has sparked much speculation that it will replace Android and Chrome OS, but Google executives have denied the claims, saying they are not trying to become new Android or Chrome OS, but rather trying to introduce the latest technology into the operating system to get the best out of the project into other products.

Google recommends using C? and Dart, but Not Go and Rust (terminal developers are not supported) in accordance with the Programming Language Policy for the Fuchsia project.

Google's Fuchsia project is not recommended in Go language

Mozilla’s Rust language is relatively new and not yet widely used, and Google’s own Go language is not recommended because of performance issues, and the system components built with Go consume more memory and kernel resources than components built with C? or Rust.