Intel Tenth Generation Core Board Spec Exposure: No PCIe 4.0

Intel Comet Lake-S Series Ten Generation Core Desktop Edition is about to be released, the interface is replaced with the new LGA1200, the motherboard also needs to be paired with the new 400 series chipsets, including the Z490, H470, B460, H410 models, these are no suspense, But the 400 series chipset exactly what specifications have not been said. Today, the mystery has finally been solved. Media released a new motherboard specification table, although the code, but “Intel 10th Gen” mark has exposed its identity, the great probability is the first high-end Z490.

Intel Tenth Generation Core Board Spec Exposure: No PCIe 4.0

The overall specifications of the motherboard are more common, and there is nothing particularly prominent, especially pcIe bus specifications are still PCIe 3.0, and no PCIe 4.0 appears. This is also understandable, after all, the Tenth Generation Core platform is only an upgrade, there is no substantial innovation, and the interface exchange is largely to meet the power supply needs of up to 10 core.

In addition, Intel has repeatedly stressed that PCIe 4.0 is of no use to consumer-level players, if the turn of the head on the support is also inevitable …

But since AMD already supports PCIe 4.0 across the platform, especially in high-performance SSDs, the Intel platform is completely unmatched, which is a source of great anxiety for many motherboard manufacturers.

It has been said that motherboard manufacturers will consider adding third-party controls on their own so that the Intel 400 series can also support PCIe 4.0, but at least no real progress has been seen so far, and much to the extent that Intel is willing to do so.

In addition, USB interface support supped usb 3.1, and no USB 3.2.

After Comet Lake-S, Intel desktop platform will have a generation of 10nm Rocket Lake-S, and a new 600 series of motherboards, do not know if there will be PCIe 4.0?

Or wait until the next generation 10nm Alder Lake-S? At that time can be changed interface again for LGA1700, the motherboard must also be replaced again.