The chinese Edition of HoloLens 2 has started shipping priced at:27388 RMB

Last night, the Weibo authenticated account “Microsoft HoloLens” officially announced that the National  version of HoloLens 2 has been officially shipped to mainland China, the device priced at 27388 yuan. HoloLens 2, sold in mainland China, has a two-year quality assurance commitment. Today, the account also shared behind-the-scenes stories about how to use artificial intelligence to build Microsoft’s universal computing vision.

[图]国行版HoloLens 2已开始发货 定价27388元人民币

[图]国行版HoloLens 2已开始发货 定价27388元人民币

Compared with the first-generation HoloLens sales model, the new generation HoloLens 2 will be launched in mainland China will be based on the original Microsoft China’s official online model, the new offline sales model. HoloLens 2 offline sales will be divided into two sales models:

China Regional Distributor: United Strong International Trade (China) Co., Ltd. and Inmai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

China Regional Resellers: Hanlinhui Information Industry Co., Ltd. and Heilongjiang Tumen Technology Co., Ltd.

HoloLens 2 Global Business Partner DMP: Unity Beauty Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

From now on, you can contact the above sales channels to find out about the procurement and availability of HoloLens 2. If you have previously registered for HoloLens 2 through the Microsoft Helpline 400-805-6783, Microsoft’s Customer Service Specialist will communicate with you via the telephone contact you left to confirm your purchase details and then coordinate your device delivery date.

HoloLens 2 started shipping in the US, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the UK, and holoLens 2 has been redesigned compared to the previous generation to achieve better ergonomicperformance, lighter weight and significantly increased field of view, from 34 degrees diagonal to 52 degrees diagonally.

[图]国行版HoloLens 2已开始发货 定价27388元人民币

Microsoft has also added full gesture tracking, not just the original HoloLens “in-flight” option. You can do things like pinch and drag objects or pull out menus by clicking a holographic button on your wrist. These new gestures are attractive to industry users who might want to upgrade from the early HoloLens, as they open up a new set of application options.

[图]国行版HoloLens 2已开始发货 定价27388元人民币

Microsoft has designed prototypes of some games and art applications for the first HoloLens, but the $3,500 price tag is clearly a disappointment for corporate customers, especially those working in manufacturing or maintenance, but in the case of Microsoft store products on display, Ordinary customers may still interact with it. Microsoft is customizing the U.S. military version of holoLens as part of the controversial integrated vision enhancement system.

[图]国行版HoloLens 2已开始发货 定价27388元人民币

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