Bath Bar Three Real Hammer Foreign Company Opens New iPad Pro Keyboard Set Booking

U.S. leather goods company Pad and Quill has announced the launch of apple’s iPad Pro 2020 smart keyboard case, which can now be booked, according tomedia. The Company, which specializes in leather goods in the United States, regularly launches leather cases for Apple products. Apple’s iPad Pro 2020 has been exposed several times before, leading the company to believe that Apple’s iPad Pro 2020 looks in line with rumors, with the main improvement being the rear-set “bath bar”.

Bath Bar Three Real Hammer Foreign Company Opens New iPad Pro Keyboard Set Booking

Apple iPad Pro 2020 Smart Keyboard Cover (pictured from @macrumors)

Judging by the information available so far, Apple’s iPad Pro 2020 is much the same as the previous generation. But judging by the holes in the rear camera, the new iPad Pro may have a rear “bath bar” three-camera, similar to the iPhone 11 Pro fillet cut.

In addition to the rear three, the iPad Pro 2020 is also likely to be equipped with ToF sensors to enhance AR/VR functionality. In addition, power keys, volume keys, speakers, microphones, etc. can be found on the case, and the USB-C connector is in the same position as the 2018 model. On the stylus, the new machine should also continue with the previous generation’s magnetic adsorption design, allowing the Apple Pencil to pair and charge directly.

Earlier, analyst Guo Mingyu reported that the iPad Pro 2020 will be available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions, the former continuing the aluminum housing, and the latter upgraded to glass. The A14 processor will be equipped with a 12.9-inch model, which may also feature a mini-LED display with a lighter design and higher resolution for increased productivity.

The new iPad Pro is expected to be launched at Apple’s spring launch in March. However, recent supply chain sources also said that the iPad Pro release may be delayed until September this year because of the outbreak affected production.