Reported that Google wants to do business with Huawei again

Several companies in the industry this week announced new products, including China’s largest smartphone maker and the world’s second-largest handset maker, despite the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to prevent the outbreak,media BGR reported. We were impressed by huawei’s new version of the foldable phone Mate X, which is better than its predecessor in every respect (except software). Huawei is still banned from working with U.S. technology companies, so Mate Xs didn’t pre-install Google apps, as was the case with the mate 30 series.

Reported that Google wants to do business with Huawei again

In addition, Huawei’s brand glory on Monday unveiled several new Android phones, including the 5G flagship and mid-range phones. None of them are pre-installed with Google apps. A few days before the new Huawei and Glory launch, Google finally explained why Huawei phones don’t have Google apps. But it turns out that Google executives may have sought formal permission from the White House to work with Huawei again – although it’s unclear what that means.

A few weeks ago, an executive at Huawei in Austria said it would not continue to work with Google even if the ban was lifted. Huawei then backed down the comments to suggest the opposite, but made no commitments. At the same time, Huawei is set to spend billions of dollars developing its AppGallery store and its own apps, which will be pre-installed on Android phones and deployed on Google’s open-source Android operating system. In addition, Huawei has teamed up with other Chinese smartphone makers to build and deploy alternatives to Google Play.

Reports from several different sources, including Germany’s Finanzen and Spanish blog Marketing Directo, say Google has asked the White House for permission to work with Huawei. The former noted that Google’s Sameer Samat did not provide information about when the White House would decide.

This appears to be the first time Google has expressed interest in working with Huawei, but it is not known what the details will be. Does Google want approval to install its app on Huawei-made Android devices? Or only provide any support required for Android AOSP?

But recent reports do suggest that the Trump administration may be seeking more restrictions on China. Google may just want to make sure it can still do business with China’s biggest smartphone maker in the future. In the middle of this month, the U.S. government announced a 45-day extension that would allow some U.S. companies to continue working with Huawei.