Juul’s new patent showcases AI-driven e-cigarettes: it will help users quit nicotine

Juul has filed a patent for an artificial intelligence-driven device,media reported. The company says the device could help users gradually quit nicotine by limiting their daily intake. It is reported that the e-cigarette company applied for the patent last summer, only recently made public.

Juul's new patent showcases AI-driven e-cigarettes: it will help users quit nicotine


According to patent documents, the device can “communicate” with an evaporator (used to suck nicotine) and can also replace nicotine and similar non-nicotine products such as citric acid to gradually reduce people’s nicotine intake. The controller can adjust the delivery of nicotine and/or non-nicotine evaporating substances by applying machine learning to the user’s behavior through companion applications. This behavior can be learned by monitoring the use of the evaporator and the user’s behavior.

As a result, Juul’s device can reduce the addictive chemical by training evaporators to see how often and how much nicotine he smokes — according to patent filings — that the device can be connected to a smartphone.

In fact, Juul has been hatching the idea for a long time: Juul co-founder and chief product officer James Monsees told the media in 2018 that the company is planning to develop a smartphone-connected device that will authenticate users and help them voluntarily give up nicotine products.

While it seems counterintuitive for e-cigarette companies to help users get rid of nicotine in e-cigarettes, Juul has been criticized for its products that could lead to an increase in the number of teenagers who use e-cigarettes. The company has also come under extensive investigation and legal action for its marketing and claims that its products are partly designed to help people quit smoking.