SpaceX approves starship in Port of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles City Council recently approved a new permit to allow SpaceX to build a Starship at the Port of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reported. SpaceX has previously focused on the Port of Los Angeles. The company said in 2018 that it was interested in building a starship along the San Pedro route, but later decided to build it in southern Texas.

SpaceX approves starship in Port of Los Angeles

Now, spaceX’s attention is turning to Southern California. The move comes after SpaceX faced protests from residents of Boca Chica, Texas, where the Starship is currently under development.

Although the starship is not mentioned in the document, the spacecraft and parts to be built on Terminal Island are too large to be transported by road, so the plant must be close to shore. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets move d’or C have moved through the ground, so this requirement points to the creation of a much larger starship.

The initial site covered by the permit includes 12 acres, which can be expanded to 19 acres. The deal will create 130 jobs. Meanwhile, SpaceX is reportedly planning to raise an additional $250 million to fund major projects. In addition to Starship, the company is building Starlink, the next-generation satellite network designed to provide global broadband Internet services, especially in unconnected areas.

SpaceX is also on track to complete its first manned flight. After successful flight suspension tests in January, the next step in the manned Dragon spacecraft program is its first crew test flight, the Demo-2. NASA reported last week that the manned Dragon spacecraft had reached the launch site and the mission is scheduled for May 7.

SpaceX plans to raise about $250 million. The money would value the company at about $36 billion.