Sony Vision-S electric car unveiled at CES begins road test

In January, Sony surprised many by launching a new concept car at CES,media reported. The electric car, designed by the company to showcase and test Sony’s new connected car platform, Vision-S, is still a prototype, and that doesn’t necessarily mean Sony has the idea of making a car, at least not in the short term, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from publicly testing it in Austria.

Sony Vision-S electric car unveiled at CES begins road test

The car was built by Sony’s artificial intelligence team and robotics team, and the company’s robotic dog product, a mybo, is also known to be from both teams. At present, the concept car has no official name, only a Safety Cocoon code, but the Japanese company said it has passed a comprehensive road test. According to Sony, this is to ensure that the vehicle and its platform, Vision-S, comply with applicable safety regulations.

Sony is now working with Magna-Steyr to make sure it is ready to hit the road in Europe. Magna-Steyr is known for doing a lot of development and production for other carmakers. After CES, Sony released a video of the car being driven by a human in Graz, Austria, so it’s unclear whether further testing by Sony is going to test the self-driving technology released in Las Vegas.

At a news conference in Las Vegas, Sony gave a brief presentation on stage to vision-S, which leverages Sony’s expertise in sensors, imaging and entertainment, which will be used in the next generation of electric vehicles. Sony has now made these technologies available to Japanese carmakers, but it wants to make its individual products a system that can be delivered as an integrated solution.

Unfortunately, it is not clear where the Vision-S is powered, or whether it will share a chassis or anything else with other vehicles. Currently, the prototype is equipped with 33 sensors to detect people and other vehicles inside and outside the vehicle. It also integrates Sony’s 360 reality audio to provide an immersive audio experience. The panoramic screen in the front seat displays a variety of content accessed through an intuitive user interface.