Blade Runner: Apple won’t allow bad guys to use iPhones in front of the camera

On February 25, local time, “Blade Runner” director Ryan Johnson shared an interesting story about an iPhone-implanted ad in the film in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, according tomedia reports. He revealed that Apple allows the iPhone to be used in the film, but not bad guys to use it in front of the camera.

Blade Runner: Apple won't allow bad guys to use iPhones in front of the camera

Apple is known to have strict rules for the use, presentation and shooting of devices. For example, as part of the guidelines for using Apple’s trademarks and copyrights, the company said apple products should be displayed in the best way or in the background to reflect the merits of Apple products and Apple. However, limiting the iPhone to good characters in film and television seems to be a bit extreme.

As a respected director, Johnson’s new information is believed to allow people to pay more attention to electronic devices used to discover hidden details when watching or revisiting “Blade Edge.”