Science: Who will be the first to eat extraterrestrial vegetables?

Recently, astronauts aboard the International Space Station received a box of wine from NASA. It will remain in space for a year to see if a distinct flavor from the Earth control group will be developed. But it has also prompted some people to think, for example , who will be the first human to eat extraterrestrial vegetables? According to historical records, the earliest discovery of eggplant dates back to several centuries A.D. There is still some debate about the origin of the plant (Africa or India).


(Instagram via BGR)

We always have a lot of respect for the “first eggplant” eater. But as humans begin to explore the outer sky, such as the Mars mission in the solar system, it becomes a must-think question to feed the brave.

Given the high cost of transporting the past from Earth, it is particularly important to cultivate food directly on the surface of the earth. In fact, scientists on Earth have never given up trying to grow crops in an environment similar to Martian soil.

But like recent wine experiments, we’re not sure the difference between Mars and Earth potatoes — Matt Damon’s plot in The Martian Rescue may not be a reality.

First, the surface of Mars is exposed to much more radiation than on Earth due to a lack of atmospheric protection and a weak magnetic field. So even if potatoes are grown under the glass dome, their subsequent growth may vary greatly.

NASA has even sponsored research aimed at genetically modifying plants so that they can grow smoothly in more compatible environments, which may help advance Martian agriculture.  

But even if we can do more research into it in the future, or even make some assumptions about the sky, the future interstellar crop problem will still be quite complex.

Finally, if you arrived on another star-planted planet in a spaceship, would you be the “first eggplant eater”?

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