Tencent War Fund invests 88 million yuan to help epidemic research and health care

Tencent announced today that it will invest 88 million yuan to set up a “war epidemic refueling package” to support scientific research, public health research, health care and other aspects of the work. Since the outbreak of new coronapneumonia, a large number of scientific research personnel put into the first line, around the epidemic prevention and control urgent needs and key breakthrough direction. The “War Epidemic Refueling Package” will provide assistance to the research related to new coronary pneumonia, the care of health care workers and the scientific research and exploration in the field of public health. Some of them will help scientific research, and some will be used for the care of first-line health care workers in the outbreak.

Tencent War Fund invests 88 million yuan to help epidemic research and health care

In addition, Tencent said it will continue to provide long-term support for long-term research on coronavirus escloser in the field of scientific research, the improvement of medical facilities in the future, and the authority of science and technology.

Specifically, the “war epidemic refueling package” of 30 million yuan, will provide more care and support for front-line health care workers. On February 26, The Tencent Charitable Foundation (“Tencent Foundation”) signed the Cooperation Agreement on Medical Care and Career Development of Medical Care and Career Development of Medical Care and Medical Personnel on the Front Line in The Fight against The Epidemic with the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

With the support of 30 million yuan from Tencent Foundation, more than 30 academicians will lead the establishment of a number of research topics in the fields of basic research, virus testing, vaccine research and development, drug screening, and clinical diagnosis and treatment, based on the medical field difficulties encountered in the first-line prevention and control work.

According to the agreement, the Chinese Academy of Engineering will ” pair up” with the 500 outstanding medical personnel and researchers in the first line of the Hubei epidemic by recommending academicians in different fields such as respiratory and critical conditions, health management and infectious disease research, and help build a career development platform. to continuously improve their medical standards and capabilities.

Ma Huateng, Chairman and CEO of Tencent Board of Directors and founder and honorary chairman of the Tencent Foundation, said Tencent set up a 1.5 billion yuan “war fund” to help the front line fight the epidemic, on the other hand, but also hope to provide financial support for scientific research, medical and health facilities, and authoritative medical science, etc. Provides long-term support for scientific epidemic prevention.

Ma Huateng also said that in the late collaboration, Tencent academician expert workstation and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Strategic Consulting Center will cooperate fully with academician experts to help medical care, academic promotion, scientific and technological innovation, a total of time epidemic, to ensure the implementation of follow-up projects.

There are 6 million yuan in the “war-epidemic refueling package” for psychological intervention work for health care workers, and the Tencent Foundation will donate 3 million yuan to the Institute of Psychology of Beijing Normal University and the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences respectively for psychological intervention work of health care workers.

In addition, Tencent’s War Fund will be used to assist research by a number of research teams in the field of public health. Tencent, for example, will work with the Zhong Nanshan team to set up a joint lab for big data and artificial intelligence. Scientific cooperation between the two sides involves epidemic screening, artificial intelligence medical imaging, epidemic prediction and early warning and other fields.

At the same time, Tencent War Fund will also fund Research and Development of Vaccines, Drug Screening Research, Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment, and Virus Detection research by Tsinghua University and the University of Hong Kong’s research team. Later, the number of funded research teams will be further expanded.