6 LG K-Series trademarks approved : will be available in 2020

LG, the South Korean handset maker, introduces a large number of smartphones each year, with the G-Series and the V-Series positioning the high-end market, the Q-Series positioning the mid-end-market, while the K-Series and w-series are aimed at the entry market. This year, LG has launched several K-series smartphones, and the latest approved logo suggests lg is ready to launch a new K-series.

[图]6款LG K系列商标获批 将在2020年上市

According to the list published by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on November 16, 2019, LG’s six model series were approved: K41, K42, K43, K51, K52 and K53, all classified as Class 9, which is the classification of smartphones. It is not clear how the six phones differ from each other, but foreign media speculated that the storage capacity of the K41, K42 and K43 might be different, as might the K51, K52 and K53.

[图]6款LG K系列商标获批 将在2020年上市

The above image is from https://nl.letsgodigital.org/smartphones/lg-2020-telefoons/

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